LE touch screen

Software installation driver

1,After installing the software, open the computer device manager.
Right click on the computer -> click on Manage -> click on device management

2. After opening the device manager, power on the touch screen and connect the USB download cable to the computer. Find ASAP1826 or USB MSC or unknown device in Device Manager. The driver that is not installed successfully is with a yellow exclamation mark.

3. Right click on the driver with a yellow exclamation mark (ASAP1826 or USB MSC or unknown device) -> click to update the driver software (it is recommended to unplug other USB devices when installing the driver, such as PLC download line or other data download) Lines etc. to avoid impact when installing)

4. Click Browse to find the driver software R, XP system please select (install from the list or specified location)

5. Click Browse to locate the installation directory of KinsealStudio software, select the usbdriver folder under the directory and click OK, then click Next (as shown below)


6. Click Always install this driver software
7. Until the USB driver is installed successfully, click to close

8. In the device manager, you can see that the driver has been successfully installed (as shown below)

Do I need to disable digital signatures before installing software drivers for WIN8 and WIN10 systems? (method as follows)

(Disable the digital signature before installing the driver)

WIN8 system disables digital signature as follows
1, press Win + C (the Microsoft icon on the keyboard, generally in the middle of CTRL and ALT), select the settings,

2, click to change computer settings, update and recovery, restore, restart now

3, after rebooting, then select troubleshooting, start the settings, select 7 to disable the driver signature


WIN10 system disables digital signature as follows
1. Click the Start menu, then press and hold the “SHITF button” to turn off the power button and select Restart.

2, after rebooting, the system enters the “Select an option” interface, and then we select “Troubleshooting”;

3. After entering the troubleshooting, select "Advanced Options".

4, next, we choose "Startup Settings";

5, then in the startup settings, we can see multiple options (such as disable the driver mandatory signature), then can not choose, Windows needs us to restart to activate these options, we can click to restart

6, after reboot, we can see a lot of special startup mode options, including "disable driver forced signature", we can press the number keys to select the system to enter, such as press 7;

7, finally enter the disable driver forced signature mode, and then we install the driver, you can install successfully!

(Disable the digital signature before installing the driver,)

1. When the user gets our touch screen, don't power the touch screen first.Press and hold the finger on any position on the touch screen, and then release the touch screen. The touch screen will automatically enter the system setting screen and the finger will release the touch screen.


2. Click the U disk download button on the touch screen, and then click to confirm that the touch screen will restart once, then you can use the U disk to download the project (currently you can only use the U disk to download the project, if the user wants to download the project with the USB download line, For example, in step 1, select the touch screen download mode as USB download, click to confirm the touch screen to restart, you can use USB to download the project)

After the touch screen is switched to the U disk download mode, compile the project and download the project file to the U disk as follows (the U disk format requirement is FAT32, right click on the U disk property in the computer to view the U disk format, other formats of the U disk temporarily not support)

Download the project with a USB flash drive

1, first open the project file we want to download, then click the tool in the menu bar, select download project

2, the system will save the current project before the compiler pops up, is it saved? Click OK

3, after the download window pops up, choose to download to the U disk

4, select the U disk storage path, click to download (the project file is downloaded to the root directory of the U disk)

5, the file is downloaded successfully. Click OK

6, after the file is successfully downloaded to the U disk, we will see a compile folder generated in the U disk. This file is the touch screen project file we want to download.

7, after the file is successfully downloaded, use the U disk to download the project to the touch screen.

(Note: When downloading the project with U disk, make sure that the touch screen is in the U disk download mode, and when downloading the project to the U disk, the device model is selected as the SUP series.

8, insert the U disk into the touch screen USB interface, the touch screen pops up the U disk download window (select upgrade configuration / Upgrade HMI Data) to download the project


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