The new product, the warranty period of one year

    Analog Input: 2 Channel 0-10V, resolution 10V/1096

    Analog output: 2 channels 0-10V, resolution 10V/10000

    Relay output capacity: 3A/250VAC

    TerminalType: Detachable

    Communication interface: a programming port RS232

    Real-time clock:support

    Setting display: can digital, buttons display setting PLC internal register (rather text and PLC machine).

    Command functions: support instruction Mitsubishi FX1S series PLC Versions of the software: FX programming software

    The machine display, settings, control in a large number of used air compressors, freight elevators, water supply, solar energy, woodworking machinery, insulating glass machinery, plastic cutting machines, printing machines .........

    Power supply: 24VDC/500mA or 21VAC/500mA



How to use GX1S Y16 Y17

First use SW0PC-FXGP/WIN-C

New file selection "FX1N"

Then select the option after programming. Change the PLC type to FX1S . Select FX1S and download it.

GX1S PLC Manual

GX-Develoer 8.5


GX1S Analog

Connect OP320